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This is you diving into making lesson plans! Image from: http://www.businessinsider.com/national-geographic-photo-contest--winners-2012-2013-1?op=1
This is you diving into making lesson plans!
Image from: http://www.businessinsider.com/national-geographic-photo-contest–winners-2012-2013-1?op=1

Evolution Evidence Prezi:

We have a Prezi (it’s like an animated PowerPoint presentation) overview of our evolution evidence methodology.  Feel free to modify it in any way that you see fit.  We do ask, however, that you let people know the original came from EvolutionEvidence.org (not looking for fame or money, just want people to come by the website):

PowerPoint Evolution Evidence overview presentation: 

Direct link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4a-CcAjSGDSckJ3S2NEbzVsczQ/edit?usp=sharing

Chickens Are Dinosaurs Lab and Worksheet

The following is a lab and worksheet that guides students in an exploration of the vestigial structures and homology shared between chickens and dinosaurs:

Download (DOCX, 1.77MB)

Chickens Are Dinos Supplemental PowerPoint

Download (PPTX, 6.28MB)

Using Evidence to Reconstruct the Past PowerPoint

Ask for volunteer victim and murderer.  Present students with mock evidence of murder.  Have half of the class construct brief case in support of the innocence of the perpetrator.  Have the other half support the guilt of the perpetrator.  Explicitly point out how reasonable inferences are made based on evidence to reconstruct the past.  Strong evidence is congruent to the simplest explanation and is corroborated by other pieces of evidence.

Download (PPTX, 4.92MB)

Constructing an Evolutionary Tree from Biomolecular Data

In this lab/worksheet students will use biomolecular data to construct an evolutionary tree.

Download (DOCX, 1.69MB)

Multicellularity Evolution in Yeast Lab

This lab is long term and advanced but the yields are exceptional.  Students will actually witness brewer’s yeast evolving multicellularity or “clumpiness.”  Please comment if you have attempted this lab using easier methodology.  These resources are from the University of Minnesota.  The PowerPoint can be directly downloaded here.  The Word doc here.

Download (DOCX, 292KB)

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)

Click here for a list of evolution education websites that include interactives, lesson plans, journals, and more.

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